What is Sismo | Part 1 : Zk Badges

3 min readOct 14, 2021

Sismo: Attestations on Ethereum Profiles

With 10 million MAUs reached by MetaMask last August1, 2021 marked a turning point for Ethereum in mainstream adoption with a younger and less tech-savvy user base entering the scene via DeFi and NFTs. We are going towards a mainstream use of wallets.

Many Ethereum users manage multiple accounts; most of them have private accounts (*89%) and public accounts (*64% have ENS) that they sometimes display on Twitter. They make sure that no public link exists between their addresses to protect their privacy (*73%).

A consequence is that users have their history and reputation fragmented over multiple accounts.

This is a waste in the world of open and interoperable protocols, where we are accustomed to reuse everything (e.g idle assets bear yield, most tokens bear governance power, most NFT bear rights, actions can give retroactive rights).

Sismo builds up your Ethereum profile with anonymised attestations created from your other accounts

Sismo issues badges (non-transferable NFTs) to your public Ethereum profiles (ENS names). They are Zero-Knowledge (ZK) attestations of facts imported from your other accounts (Ethereum accounts as well as twitter or github). You can aggregate your reputation, with confidentiality, to your public profile.

Use Case 1: Access Token-Gated Communities Privately

With Sismo, you can mint a ZK badge: “Owner of Cryptopunk” on the .eth ENS name you shared on twitter without revealing which Cryptopunk and what Ethereum account (and its full history) was used to prove the ownership.
You can then use this standardised (ERC1155) ZK badge to access token-gated communities (e.g. private discord channels, using services built by our friends at guild.xyz or collab.land).

You may have heard of the incoming NFT verification of profile pictures on twitter? Sismo ZK badges will allow you to attest you are part of the cryptopunk community without doxing your Ethereum address!

Use Case 2: Aggregating a DeFi Score

Sismo will also feature custom, more complex badges. A DEX trader could mint, from multiple private trading accounts, a « DeFi Score » ZK badge to their main onchain trading account.

This DeFi Score would be the result of the aggregation and computation of all their trading data e.g. “total value of loans without being liquidated”.

You could later use this attestation to get under-collateralised loans with a better borrow interest rate, because you proved your trustworthiness — and no more.

Use Case 3: Better Governance

For DAOs, it is a great tool too. Taking the Aave community as an example, you can mint via Sismo a ZK badge: Aave Community Member corresponding to “holds > 100 AAVE” , “voted on 10+ proposals” or “created a proposal”».

You can use it on twitter via displaying your .eth name, on the Aave governance forum when proposing, or in custom Snapshot voting strategies.
It will prove you have skin in the game, and reveal no more than that.

We’ve only scratched the surface (anons, we’ll have something for you too 👀).

Join the Sismo DAO

The Sismo DAO is gated to .sismo.eth ENS subdomains owners.

More info in the blog

How to join the DAO?

  1. Join the waitlist on https://sismo.io/ to get an access code
  2. Wait patiently for your access code to arrive by twitter DM
  3. Claim your free sismo.eth ENS subdomain on sismo.io
  4. Access by connecting your wallet via Collab.land (discord)
    or Guild (browser)

Follow us on twitter too: https://twitter.com/Sismo_eth

*Data from a survey conducted by Sismo with over 300 respondents — “ ENS, ID and Privacy Management” https://blog.sismo.io/a-survey-on-ens-id-and-privacy-management-e8fcd6723316




Sismo builds up your Ethereum profile with anonymised attestations created from your other accounts